By Michael Shane Web Marketing Made Simple


If you have a business in today's world you MUST have a web presence. The first step is to create a website where your customers can find you online. People find information instantly and you have a much greater chance of getting the exposure you deserve along with boosting sales in your organization.


Web Design

With a strong visual and content filled website, your virtual business becomes operational 24 hours a day. It is important when planning that you understand where you would like to be in the future so your website can grow with you.

Graphic Design

We have designers ready to serve you for any task. Do you need a new logo or have to put together a quick presentation? Our team can not only perform web and online design for our customers we also have a strong acumen with design for print. We bill by the hour in 15 minute increments and not by the job so if you are prepared with the materials and information you can save time and money.

Online Marketing

Most seen is most used and the way consumers receive information has changed. Creating a strong online marketing strategy will ensure you are seen and used. Full use of all tools make up Online Marketing and it can be a little scary and unfamiliar. Our team is not only highly qualified, we are able to walk you through the process in a simple and understandable way.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still one of the most critical components of a successful online strategy. Although the rules have changed it is still very much a popularity contest and the most popular is most often the winner. $$$

Web Consulting

When you think of your business or running your business day to day. If you really know it, it comes easy to you. Sometimes planning to grow and build your business can get difficult. Creating your website, what you need, making sure that it can grow with you can be overwhelming and seem like an endless task. Having a partner to hold your hand and simplify the process can be the right medicine for you.


Your online identity must be an extension of your bricks and mortar business and all of the online property (Websites - Social Media - Blogs etc.) must unify with that brand. We are here to help you, if you have a business but have not established a true brand or if you have a brand but not all channels are flowing completely. We can help you tighten up your image and make it cohesive.

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